Milan Re-Opens After Summer

Milan fashion week has come to an end while the buyers are busy placing orders, which, by the way, is fantastic news for the recovering fashion economy! Go Milano! Incredible changes have taken place in the famous Golden Quad in the last few months.

Let’s see now! Hermes has moved back home, re-inhibiting their Milan flagstore on the corner of Via Sant’Andrea and Via della Spiga, while leaving the ex-Kenzo space vacant… can not believe that there’s an unoccupied store in Via Sant’Andrea. Now to more interesting news….drum roll…. Corso Venezia has won the “Extreme Make-Over”!  Flavio Castellani, (famous Prato, Tuscany, women’s brand) has stepped into ex-Diesel Bimbo on the corner of Via della Spiga. Nero Giardini, (known for their, black, casual, very Italian, look) still has a mini-space for footwear but is opening, at #9, a significantly larger store featuring mens’ and womens’ wear as well as all leather accessories. Next door at #7 Henry Cotton’s is still “opening soon”. D & G re-opened in the same location, very cool organized look, men upstairs, women as you come in and … keep walking … it’s deep… kids in the very back.

Guiness book of world records!!!!! Giorgio Armani has, in fact, succeeded in having his name on every street in the Golden Quad. Via Montenapoleone, the most famous street hosts his mens’ collection and in the Gallery behind Iceberg is the childrens line. His Mega-Store in Via Manzoni is being transformed into a “Fashion Hotel” – The Almighty Armani could not be out-done by any competetor even jewelrey so he set out to do something more GRANDIEUR than Bulgari!  Back to the tour… Armani bags is in Via della Spiga and finally with the launch of Armani Collection in Corso Venezia – He Did It!!!! the only designer to be present on all 4 sides of the Golden Quad!

Prada is still innovative and very on top of a new “personalization” trend. Prada Sport disappeared over the summer and magically reopened in as Prada Life-Style in September. The items to be found in the store are to be found only in that store! Wow! unique items and, get this, everthing can be personalized! from desk and office accessories to ski wear.  Way to get personal Prada! Accross the street, corner of San Babile, Marlboro classics got smaller and left enough room for Missoni to open a very much needed “young or second” line M Missoni. congratulations M Missoni I like the store.  Right next door the ever respectable Neglia went through an important change, New and Improved “Neglia Sartoria”. I am so proud of them, by bringing their workshop to Milan they are able to cut prices up to 50% without changing the quality of the fabrics and workmanship. This is an example other designers should take, instead, many are cutting quality to bring down prices.

Via Bagutta, Touch & Go Temporary Store moved into the Ex- Armani Collection, what a phenomenon a Secret Pom Pom bag for €150 and down the street you may see it for € 600. it is really more of an Outlet, designer cloths at nothing prices thrown all over the place. Over the lunch hour you can not move it this place, maybe this is where we are headed… who cares where you buy it or how you acquire it as long as it has a designer label… How ever you like to buy let lead you on your shopping spree.


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