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Tom Ford 2017 Winter Collection

September 27, 2016

Tom Ford !!   What a talented man!!  First, he completely put Gucci back on the map. Then opens his own “Super Luxury” bespoke mens wear label, which was closely followed by his ladies wear collection.


Melanie Payge with Model in Ostrich feathers & Sequence 2017 Winter collection NY runway

Out of nowhere, for his second film he was awarded the Silver Lion Grand Jury Prize for Nocturnal Animals, La Biennale di Venezia’s 73rd Venice Film Festival .

Doesn’t he look marvelous in his own suit 🙂

Along with all this happening, he is still young and gorgeous.


Of coarse I’m mainly interested in his new collection, so, we will head back to the Milan Boutique which is showing us the runway “looks”,  not even 24 hours after the catwalk intro in New York.   image

This year there seems to be a whirlwind of themes in most designers’ collections.  Tom Ford is not to be excluded,  one aspect of FW2017 is full of sequence and elegance which dominates his red carpet (or traditionally known as “Black Tie” (ironic term for ladies wear)) collection.

Very inventive and creative use of fur: mink, beaver, fox etc. in various colors alone or mixed.

right Tom Ford Model in sequence halter dress and fur coat. left Gloria Magni, fashion journalist, Pam Bianco




The 70’s my friends, yes the 70’s.  See the quilt-like patchwork leather jacket just behind me? Yes the 70’s, but with the addition of the pink fur collar to make it 2017.

The collection is also full of his tailored suits and sexy backless dresses. Tight skirts in heavy wool with leather bondage type fasteners. Elegant and cool ……New and retro.

Gloria Magni, fashion journalist, Pam Bianco, Egle Zvairaityte, Tom Ford Sales Assistant Via Verri Milan, Melanie Payge.

Montenapoleone Accessory Tour

September 7, 2016

Beginning of September is all about bags and shoes, as if that’s something all girls don’t dream about, you too? We have something in common. After spending the weekend at MICAM, I get an invite to 3 locations in Via Montenapoleone, again who could resist?



Melanie Payge and Stuart Thom of Ainsley-T Shoes (NSFW) 

NO words PR put together a fun and informative “NO WORDS ACCESSORY TOUR SS17” presenting new inventive and creative ways to match food and fashion.
My first stop was Montenapoleone 19 at “Ristorante Doriani” offering an aperitivo buffet with yummy little treats. After a glass of prosecco we toured the Piccadilly Brazilian brand embodying waste-free, sustainable, eco-friendly comfort.

The collection has 4 categories, we begin with 70’s a retro aspect but not vintage looking (maybe my favorite look). Next was the ethnic look, typically Brazilian with colorful fabrics and natural fibers Third is the “Inventive vibration” in other words minimal. Last of all we come across the “Revisited Tradition” where their storic collection joins youth.


Melanie Payge with inventor Toru Itoi and GM Kifu Kotaro Hosokawa

Off to MN 13 where we are spoiled by “Bàcaro di Sambuco’s” Italian delicacies and introduced to the newest in Japanese technology, a sort of paper shoe but not really. Using Abaca Fibers, Toru Itoi, invented Magical Washi canvas.


If this innovative material gets wet, it dries within seconds which keeps your feet dry at all times, weather it be perspiration in Summer or humidity in Winter. So once again Italian Tradition joins Tecnology, Arrezzo based shoe maker “Calzaturificio Fratelli Soldini” launces “Kifu’s” first collection.


Melanie Payge @ Studiofinorossi

Last stop on our tour is Studiofinorossi, Montenapoleone 1, where our beautiful purple haired Veronika explains the intricate handcrafts by Laboratorio Toscano using exotic natural hides for their luxury line and traditional soft nappas for the younger designs.
Definitely something different and new!